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K Sports in Cobdown are home to training grounds for both Dover Athletic and Ebbsfleet from the Vanarama National League. With a Gym and Squash Courts on site a members scheme, K Sports is a primary venue for local people.

The Sports bar is the center of attraction Screening the day’s best sport, and the recently refurbished bar serves breakfast, lunch and dinner with a range of specials and Afternoon Tea* available.

In an environment like this the request for a robust system and feature reach software was an essential requirement. 4 Aures Yuno black terminals running ICR TouchPoint Software provided this solution. Recent add ons have included payment sense integrated card machines and custom scripts takes the system to the next level. TouchOffice Web not only handles customer data but provided live sales for management and owners. The multitude of reports available to access anywhere K Sports are top of their game.

If you are in the area in the morning make sure you taste the K Sports legend breakfast!!!

Customer Video Testimonial

When it comes to stylish restaurants in Maidstone top of the list will be Frederick Bistro. The minute you walk in this restaurant oozes quality. From the ingredients in the food to the surroundings you are guaranteed to have an amazing experience and will soon be back. Ulric Allsebrook, Chef-Patron of Frédéric brings a touch of South West France through his simple cooking style.

They have recently opened a new Wine & Cheese bar which offers an impressive library of 350 different French Wines and a selection of 30 different French Cheeses as well.

Having problems with his existing POS system and through our partner secure payments solutions we met with Ulric and quickly gained confidence that our solution would meet the restaurants needs.

We supplied stylish Aures Yuno touch screen with ICR TouchPoint software. They have three Epos terminals linked together seamlessly working great with Kitchen and Bar printer. Speed of service was key for Ulric as it’s a busy Restaurant and great customer service was really important. New horizon Systems successfully installed the systems and we have very little or no support calls. Recently we added gift cards feature to the system, printed in house for them.

A great place to dine with great food and a wide selection of wines so definitely visit the place.

Icakes have two branches in Ilford & Barking. Selling a variety of cakes for all occasions. When it came to a new POS Solution the white Aures Yuno running ICR TouchPoint software was the perfect choice.

The stylish white Aures Yuno blends with the decor of the shop and looks modern in this popular cake shop. All variations of different cakes were programmed onto the till offering a fast service. The ability to add web back office software for real time management reports polling sales every two seconds enables this customer to get a handle on both stocks and profitability of products.

If you are in the area there is never a better time to “Eat Cake and be Happy”

Phillip San Sushi is a fusion of sushi and Japanese cuisine. The restaurant offers an amazing dining experience in Kilburn. It’s a place where you will visit time and time again. In order to meet this demand for excellence New Horizon Systems provided the restaurant with a Sam4s Titan Epos system powered with ICR TouchPoint software.

 In addition, a PocketTouch running on an amazon kindle enables orders to be taken at the table. Once the owner saw the TouchOffice Web and saw that he could see live sales as they happen from any device in the world and make product changes in real time he signed up straight away. 

This perfect restaurant system also uses the Hungrrr online ordering app for IOS and android customers can order this delicious food from any mobile device.

Netil360 this roof top bar in East London is one of the sites that if you are in the area is a must visit. Serving up spectacular views of the city, in an atmosphere that’s toned-down and relaxed, this is one special venue. What I love is that the place changes every year and with Ben a Carpenter and designer the owner this is no surprise. On our first visit we installed two Aures Yuno Black Pos Systems each running ICR TouchPoint software.

Net360 also use the TouchOffice Web and PocketTouch for taking orders at the table just as Phillip San Sushi does.

In 2019 we added an additional Aures Yuno Black terminal to cope with the extra demand as this is one hell of a busy place in the summer months.

The Fox and Hounds Orsett is a customer of ours for many years. A traditional two-bar village pub in Orsett is a very popular pub and restaurant in the area. In 2018 we upgraded the existing terminals to new Aures Yuno Black and changed the epos software to ICR TouchPoint. All tills are connected online and poll sales data every two seconds to ICR TouchOffice Web giving management full control.

The food is also great value for money and suggest you check out the reviews for this family friendly traditional local pub. You can also see these great systems in action.

The Volunteer pub Bexleyheath has been a licensed premises since the 19th Century. It reopened in April 2018 after it closed 2017 fearing it would close forever. The pub is a few minutes’ walk from the railway station. A friendly local pub which offers regular live music and home to many charity events.

As part of the reopening we installed the excellent Aures Yuno in white running ICR TouchPoint software. A perfect combination. Recently like a lot of our customers the owners saw the value of TouchOffice Web and polling live sales to the cloud. Operator changes and security are handled via the web giving management complete control.

With three locations in Central London serving up soul satisfying healthy Soups, Salads and Salt Beef. Shoops are open for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner with all food available to be enjoyed either eat-in or takeaway.Choose daily from a range of Six seasonal flavoured and themed Soups packed with super nutrients and mountains of flavour.

Not just Soup. Shoop is home to the best Salt Beef Sandwich in London packed with our Signature Marinated Beef Brisket, Pickle, Emmental and Slaw.

When it came to choosing a new Pos System the owner Noam was impressed with the proprietary vectron system. The rock solid Vectron Pos 12 Inch terminal integrated with a Payment Sense Terminal proved to be an excellent choice.

The Hayes Branch of the Royal British Legion was founded in 1933.Today there are over 750 members, more than at any time in their history, ranging in age from late teens to late 90s. The Branch raises a considerable sum each year for the Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal, money that continues to be needed as much today as ever, in aid of ex service men and women.

We installed an Epos system running ICR TouchPoint software linked with TouchOffice Web back office, integrated card terminals with latest technolgy in place with Mifare card readers to scan members cards. We provided a complete system to ensure they can track all the members and can offer special discounts. Integrated card terminals increased their speed of service and reports are always correct at the end of the day.

Stuzzichini is an Italian restaurant offering typical regional, artisanal dishes, freshly prepared in thier kitchens and available in thier deli, caffe and restaurant.

Stuzzichini also offers private dining for all occasions. They have themed rooms to explore the beautiful cities of Italy to give you the ambiance and authentic food with great service.

We upgrades 5 Epos systems installed ICR TouchPoint software for restaurants linked with TouchOffice software and multiple kitchen printers. Customer had some special programming request so bespoke the solution around them.


Fineways  are a Cash and carry wholesaler based in Plumstead in London. Specializing in the sale of Asian groceries. It is a hugely popular in the area and a place where many locals of all nationalities frequent on a daily basis. We would describe Fineways as a mini Tesco as the convenience store is busy all day long.

We have been working with Fineways for over a year and recently upgraded their system to two Aures Yuno touch screen systems with 10 inch displays where the customer can promote their new businesses and also the products they sell. A finishing touch to the system is two Payment Sense integrated card terminals which help to speed up service in this busy environment.

The system is powered by the excellent ICR Touchpoint software and also linked to ICR TouchOffice Web so the owners can manage their business from anywhere adding products, changing prices and manage promotions.

What a difference it can make to your business if you have a reliable hardware with fantastic software and above all an experienced company to make sure all goes smooth for you.

Customer Testimonial

“I have been a customer with New Horizon for over a year now and most recently bought two new Epos systems. From the start New Horizon have been extremely professional, helpful, understanding and very honest. They have a team of great engineers and always willing to solve any problems, as a customer this is very satisfying to know your always looked after by experts; special mention to Raj and Manisha who have been the forefront in delivering excellent service. I have recommend new horizon to everyone who enquires about Epos systems. I know due to this amazing service and down to earth team, I will always be doing ALL of my future business with New Horizon. I strongly recommend this excellent and reliable company. This is an honest opinion and by all means NOT exaggerated. Credit has to be given when its rightfully due. I look forward to doing more business very soon”

Churchfield Pharmacy has been a customer of ours for nearly 10 years now. His first pos system was installed in March 2010.

Imran Jan has been the owner of  Churchfield Pharmacy in South Woodford since 2006. A popular pharmacist.

When it was time to upgrade in 2019 it was time to move the Pharmacy into the modern age.

After seeing the TouchPoint software and being able to replicate his existing screens the choice was a simple one. Staff had already been used to using the system for many years so training was quick and easy to adapt to the new software.

When it came to hardware the customer decided on the Aures Yuno with a fast i3 processor as his new modern till system.

As well as scanning all is pharmacy products we added TouchOffice Web which polls live sales every 2 seconds. The ability to change prices and add new products through a web browser and sync immediately to the till made this add on a must.

The system was completed with an integrated payment sense card terminal. This means faster transactions and also no reconciliation between the card machine and the pos system eliminating mis keying of transactions.

Estab­lished 1985, Oz Schoolwear has a built up a wealth of knowl­edge and exper­tise that has enabled them to bring  the best qual­ity gar­ments at the best pos­si­ble prices.

It’s always a pleasure to work with Jon and his Dad Tony for many years. We recently upgraded their system to a modern and stylish Aures Sango terminal in i3 processor. Not only these terminals look good in any business, but our robust software ICR TouchPoint makes a perfect system for retail. We also have installed integrated 10″ customer display to enhance the system so that they can display images with thier offers and latest products.

Our aim was to introduce latest technology to thier business hence added web back office so that they can manage their business from anywhere and any device.TouchOffice Web gives you the insights to make informed decisions for your business.

See what’s really selling and at what price, who your most effective staff are, when your peak sales periods are, and over 100 more reports to delve into. We also linked thier ecommerce website with the epos system to have control on live stock sold online and in the shop.

It’s great to see when we can make a difference in a business and see them growing.

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