NCR Orderman Handheld

NCR Orderman 5

More Efficiency, More Sales- NCR Orderman5

With the Orderman5, hospitality professionals have the chance to raise their game – to world class. When developing the Orderman 5, the focus was entirely on the features that every professional restaurant needs to work as efficiently as possible in what is a challenging hospitality environment.

Faster, more reliable service is a given with the NCR Orderman handheld system and the result is up to 25% more sales. Featuring the reliable Orderman Secure Radio, high durability, intuitive operation and 25 years of experience, Orderman 5 is the secret to success for any and every hospitality professional.

Orderman5 is avaiable in two versions

-> Orderman5 – the basic model

-> Orderman5 Plus – with Bluetooth and NFC to connect to the belt printer

The Professional Handheld NCR Orderman

Faster service, increased revenue !!

Whether you operate a restaurant, a café or a bar, all guests expect fast, friendly and reliable service. The prerequisite for customer satisfaction is, of course, a seamless ordering and billing process. NCR Orderman provides you with the equipment you need to meet these requirements. A durable POS system and handheld ordering devices, combined with a number of practical accessories, allow for a speedy and efficient workflow. This gives you the chance to focus on what is most important: Your guests.

Everything you need, in the palm of your hand

Aloha mobile for handheld ordering devices aims to minimize the barrier between your waiting staff and your customers. The ordering process not only becomes more productive, but also more personal. It allows waiters to spend more time serving customers, eliminate errors and print bills right at the table. The solution is ideal for taking table side orders, as well as reducing lines at quick service restaurants.

Aloha Mobile for handheld ordering devices places the perfect hospitality solution in the palm of your hand. Easy to use, reliable and customizable, it gives you everything you need in order to increase your revenue permanently. A great side effect of NCR’s seamless ordering solution is that you will not only have more satisfied guests and greater turnover, but also happier staff. This means a higher level of motivation and therefore less change in personnel and decreased labor expenses.

The NCR Orderman is fully integrated with ICR Pocket Touch and is different as it offers a rugged option. It uses a radio ordering instead of a Wifi solution. This provides for a stable and reliable system.

Dust and water resistant it’s the number one choice for many cafes and restaurants. It comes in three options orderman5, orderman5 plus with Bluetooth and NFC to connect to a belt printer and orderman7 which is the entry-level model, and the orderman7 plus model which has NFC and Bluetooth to connect to the belt printer.

Orderman7 MSR
This device features magnetic strip reader for customer loyalty programs.

Orderman7 SC
This device comes with scanner to read QR codes and barcodes (e.g. inventory, promotions).

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