ICR Touch Takeaway systems

ICR Touch Takeaway Systems

Online ordering is made easy with ICR Touch Takeaway Systems. Allow your customers to place their order from the comfort of their home, with ease at their work desk, or on the go with mobile or tablet  ICR Touch Systems provide you with everything you need to generate new revenue streams from online food orders with a webshop, whether for delivery to the door or desk, or to make it easy for your customers to do ‘click and collect’ pre-ordering of meals.

Your customer can browse your full product range at their leisure, rather than being rushed into a decsiosion while standing in a queue or waiting on the phone. This extra time encourages customers to spend more online than they would do in the store.

ICR Touch Takeaway also integrates seamlessly with your EPoS and back office software. All sales bare recorded in real-time and are pushed through to your TouchPoint till like a standrad in-store transcation. When the order is paid, the sale can also be sent to TouchOffce Web.