ICRTouch CollectionPoint Software

ICRTouch CollectionPoint is used to reduce queues and estimate waiting times.

Touch CollectionPoint displays ‘open’ orders on a screen or monitor directly from the ICR TouchPoint till, so that customers can take a seat and keep an eye on their order’s progress in the queue. Queue-busting software for QSR, takeaways, restaurants, attraction parks, warehouse stores or waiting rooms.

Whether you have a restaurant, bar or fast food outlet,ICRTouch CollectionPoint can provide a simple yet professional way of notifying customers where their orders is in a queue and the average time they’ll have to wait until ready to collect. This helps for a more professional service. We are all used to seeing this type of service in a Argos Store.

Using a clear display screen keeps customers informed and away from the till so staff can concentrate on serving, which reduces queues and makes the till area more inviting.

ICRTouch CollectionPoint is controlled directly by TouchPoint and TouchKitchen, and enables customers to keep an eye on their order’s progress in the queue. When an order is ready to collect, an animation for the corresponding ticket will pop-up on the screen, along with an audio announcement to notify the relevant customer that their order is ready for collection. A simple solution to a common crowding problem.