Get More From Your Business with ICRTouch Epos Software

Our choice of using ICRTouch Epos Software has been made after using the product for over a decade. It’s widely recognised as being the most reliable EPos software of it’s kind on the market today. Thousands of software licences sold and constant development make this an outstanding choice for Pubs and Bars, restaurants, cafes, Takeaways, Members Clubs, Night Clubs and all hospitality areas.

ICRTouch offers more than Point Of Sale, manages all areas of your growing business. Stay informed and make decisons to maximise your profits and keep customers coming back time and again.

All aspects of your business can influence the customer experinec. Mistakes or delays with orders have both a maetrial cost and can adversely affect customer satisfaction.ICRTouch Epos software helps to raise and maintain the bar. We can help in many areas of your business, from streamlining table service and organising the kitchen, to digital signage that seamlessly keeps customers informed.

We provide you with easy to use, reliable and fast EPoS solutions that reduce queues and enable you to serve more people. The result? Your staff deliver a first class service and your customers are satisfied,recommend you to others and make repeat visits.

It’s retail offering also has stand out features including links to scales,printing of shelf edge labels, customer loyalty points and age verification so no wonder it’s a popular choice. The software also works very well on a windows tablet and has a host of addons which you find out more on our TouchPoint page.

Over the years the ICR Epos software has been progessing to a different level and the TouchOffice Web which is it’s cloud based solution is a perfect companion. Many crucial tasks including Stock, Product Maintenance, Reporting and real-time sales data are all available. It’s offered on a subscription basis but only way to see the beauty of the Cloud System is contact us for a full demo.

A must needed add on is to allow chip and pin transactions for a complete Epos system. ICR Epos Software has integrations with PS Connect and SagePay. we have used both solutions and can’t fault how seemless the integration is.


ICR Touch office Web
ICR Touch office Web

TouchOffice Web gives you a bird’s eye view of your business. TouchOffice Web is a powerful management tool that provides you with a complete real-time understanding of your business on any web-enabled device, from anywhere in the world.

ICR Touch Loyalty

TouchLoyalty enables you to build loyal customers who are rewarded for returning again and again, increasing your profit margins. It gives regular customers, members, VIPs or even taff an instant discount on their purchases.

ICR Touch Stock
Epos Systems for Restaurants

Our hand-held stock control device is small and mighty. Replace those paper print-outs and time hungry stocktakes with TouchStock. It delivers flexibility, ease of use and speed

ICR Touch Kitchen
ICR Touch Kitchen

TouchKitchen transforms the way food orders are processed. From starters through to dessert, a customer’s choice is displayed on a screen in the kitchen with no need for paper and print-outs.

ICR Pocket Touch
ICRTouch Pocket Touch

PocketTouch is a professional paper-free way to take food and drinks orders. Take orders seamlessly from table or queue, straight to the heart of kitchen and bar.

ICR Touch Menu

TouchMenu, the virtual menu board on a large screen display, replaces your static menu displays and shows-off your restaurants’ menu in an attractive, enticing way.

Whether you have a restaurant, bar or fast food outlet, CollectionPoint can provide a simple yet professional way of notifying customers where their order is in a queue.

ICR Touch Reservation

You’re never closed with TouchReservation. Allow customers to make bookings, around the clock, on any web-enabled device such as a smartphone or tablet.Administration tasks are reduced with automated table allocations, order notifications and auto-confirmations.

Integrated Card Terminal

An integrated card terminal saves you time and money, and provides high levels of service to customers. Reduce user errors with no ‘double keying’ issues by staff.

Online ordering is made easy with TouchTakeaway. Allow your customers to place their order from the comfort of their home, with ease at their work desk, or on the go with mobile or tablet.