Our Epos Systems for restaurants are second to none and offer excellent value for money and are proven and tested in many restaurants across the UK installations

At New Horizon Systems we are experts when it comes to epos till systems for restaurants. Over the years we have developed the knowledge and experience to meet the needs of many customers. Not only can we advise you of the best solution but also help you grow your business. In the end it’s by offering the correct solutions to our customers which has helped them grow which in turn has led to our growth


Select Your Epos System for Restaurants

SAM4S Mid Range Touch Screen Package

The SAM4S Titan S260 is the latest design in the SAM4S range of POS terminal. With its vibrant & precise 15″ projective capacitive multi-touch display is extremely durable in most environments including withstanding water contact, dust and grease. The SAM4s Titan S160 Capacitive touch panels will activate with either a bare finger or a capacitive stylus preventing users from using pens, credit cards or sharp objects which potentially would reduce the life expectancy of resistive touch panels.

Package Includes

  • 15″ Touch Screen
  • Receipt Printer
  • Cash Drawer
  • Epos Software for Restaurants

Aures Yuno Mid Range Touch Screen Package

YUNO is a robust but stylish and compact product, designed by AURES to suit the many applications of the POS vertical sectors.

It is a fanless, compact, high-performance system, fitted with a choice of 3 different processors; it is available in 2 formats (traditional 4:3 15.1’’ screen and Wide 16:9 15.6’’ screen) and equipped with a shock- and scratch-proof, multi-touch, projected, capacitive screen (PCAP technology).

Package Includes

  • 15″ Touch Screen
  • Receipt printer
  • Cash Drawer
  • Epos Software for Restaurants

Aures Sango High End Touch Screen Package

SANGO is an original and innovative all-in-one POS management terminal; one of its many unique features is to completely free-up the space under the touch screen at the till.

With no intrusive base, stand or foot, unlike other EPOS systems on the market, SANGO soars effortlessly, as if weightless, offering and revealing a space traditionally occupied by the central unit and motherboard.

This new EPOS will adapt to the technology requirements of all users: 4 types of processors are available, as well as a range of connection options. The flat LED touch monitor, with an edgeless display surface, is offered in multi-touch projected capacitive (PCAP) technology.

It’s glossy polycarbonate finish, featuring a mix & match range of seven modular colours (White, Black, Red, Blue, Orange, Grey and Cassis)

Package Includes

  • 15″ Touch Screen
  • Receipt Printer
  • Cash Drawer
  • Epos Software

Installed with Epos Software for Restaurants

ICRTouch TouchPoint Software

Our choice of using ICRTouch Touchpoint Epos Software has been made after using the product for over a decade. It’s widely recognized as being the most reliable EPos software of it’s kind on the market today. Thousands of software licences sold and constant development make this an outstanding choice for Epos Systems for restaurants, and all hospitality areas.

The software also works very well on a windows tablet and has a host of addons which you find out more on our ICRTouch Touchpoint page.

Over the years the software has been progressing to a different level and the TouchOffice Web which is it’s cloud based solution is a perfect companion. Many crucial tasks including Stock, Product Maintenance, Reporting and real-time sales data are all available. It’s offered on a subscription basis but only way to see the beauty of the Cloud System is contact us for a full demo.

A must needed add on is to allow chip and pin transactions for a complete Epos system. ICRTouch has integrations with PS Connect and SagePay. we have used both solutions and can’t fault how seamless the integration is.

Additional Hardware Options For Epos Systems for Restaurants

Kitchen Printer

Kitchen printer can be located in the kitchen to print the tickets for food.

Bar Printer

Bar printer can be located in the Bar to print the tickets with drinks.

2 Line Display

2 Line Customer display to show product name and price.

10″ LCD Display

10″ Customer display to show multiline products and also advertise your offer or products on the screen for marketing.

Card Reader

Aures Magnetic Stripe Reader

Integrated MSR (Magnetic Stripe Reader) to swipe Members and Loyalty cards.

Dallas Reader

Epos Peripherals

Integrated Dallas Reader for operators to sign in the terminal.

Finger Print Reader

Finger Print Reader for operators and members to sign in the terminal. This is a perfect solution for added security.

Bump Bar For Kitchen Screen

Bump Bar for Kitchen Screen

In hot, stick, greasy kitchen environments, you can add a bump bar to make controlling your device easier. A bump bar can also be used for large wall mounted tablet displays where the screens may be out of reach.

Kitchen Screen with Bump Bar

In hot, stick, greasy kitchen environments, you can add a bump bar to make controlling your device easier. A bump bar can also be used for large wall mounted tablet displays where the screens may be out of reach.

Kitchen Touch Screen

ICR Touch Kitchen

Information is clear and legible, and there is no room for misunderstanding what has been ordered.Kitchen staff have complete control including the ability to view, sort or peg meal orders, and set preparation timers to ensure nothing is forgotten and meals go out on time.

Epos Software Options For Restaurant

ICR Pocket Touch
ICRTouch Pocket Touch

PocketTouch is a professional paper-free way to take food and drinks orders. Take orders seamlessly from table or queue, straight to the heart of kitchen and bar.

ICR Touch Kitchen
ICR Touch Kitchen

TouchKitchen transforms the way food orders are processed. From starters through to dessert, a customer’s choice is displayed on a screen in the kitchen with no need for paper and print-outs.

ICR Touch Menu

TouchMenu, the virtual menu board on a large screen display, replaces your static menu displays and shows-off your restaurants’ menu in an attractive, enticing way.

ICR Touch Loyalty

TouchLoyalty enables you to build loyal customers who are rewarded for returning again and again, increasing your profit margins. It gives regular customers, members, VIPs or even taff an instant discount on their purchases.

ICR Touch Reservation

You’re never closed with TouchReservation. Allow customers to make bookings, around the clock, on any web-enabled device such as a smartphone or tablet.Administration tasks are reduced with automated table allocations, order notifications and auto-confirmations.

ICR Touch office Web
ICR Touch office Web

TouchOffice Web gives you a bird’s eye view of your business. TouchOffice Web is a powerful management tool that provides you with a complete real-time understanding of your business on any web-enabled device, from anywhere in the world.

ICR Touch Stock
Epos Systems for Restaurants

Our hand-held stock control device is small and mighty. Replace those paper print-outs and time hungry stocktakes with TouchStock. It delivers flexibility, ease of use and speed

Table Management

Table Planner

The TouchPoint EPoS system incorporates a large graphical table plan which can incorporate multiple levels if your restaurant has separate floors or area

Integrated Card Terminal

An integrated card terminal saves you time and money, and provides high levels of service to customers. Reduce user errors with no ‘double keying’ issues by staff.

iOS and Android App

Put your menu in the hands of your customers with our app. World class online and app food ordering system ideal for Takeaway, Restaurants and Food businesses. Can be integrated with our Epos system.

Select Payment Option


With this option you can purchase the equipment and will own the system. You will have no monthly payments. As standard we will require a minimum deposit for the system and balance on installation.


With this option you can spread the cost over 2, 3 , 4, 5 years and own the equipment. You will receive tax advantages and also will help cash flow. It’s a popular option especially if you are purchasing more then one epos system.


You can also hire the system with just small deposit for short term or long term. This option is highly popular as it allows you to try the system first without a long term commitment ( We offer Rental option on selective models only).

What Our Customers Say

Frederic Bistro

Set in Maidstone with finest wines and excellent service.

When it comes to stylish restaurants in Maidstone top of the list will be Frederick Bistro. The minute you walk in this restaurant oozes quality. From the ingredients in the food to the surroundings you are guaranteed to have an amazing experience and will soon be back. Ulric Allsebrook, Chef-Patron of Frédéric brings a touch of South West France through his simple cooking style.

They have recently opened a new Wine & Cheese bar which offers an impressive library of 350 different French Wines and a selection of 30 different French Cheeses as well.

Having problems with his existing POS system and through our partner secure payments solutions we met with Ulric and quickly gained confidence that our solution would meet the restaurants needs.

We supplied stylish Aures Yuno touch screen with ICR TouchPoint software. They have three Epos terminals linked together  seamlessly working great with Kitchen and Bar printer. Speed of service was key for Ulric as it’s a busy Restaurant and great customer service was really important. New horizon Systems successfully installed the systems and we have very little or no support calls. Recently we added gift cards feature to the system, printed in house for them.

A great place to dine with great food and a wide selection of wines so definitely visit the place.

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