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At New Horizon Systems, we are experts when it comes to Retail and Hospitality based Epos systems. Over the years we have developed the knowledge and experience to meet the needs of many customers in any business environment. Not only can we advise you of the best solution but also help you grow your business through our consultancy service. We always aim to give our customers the best solutions in terms of which system to use regardless of budget. Over the years we have helped countless companies grow allowing us to gain a wide reaching reputation for supplying Epos systems. If you are serious about growing your business then talk to us and we can help you to achieve this aim.

Hardware Epos Systems

We offer Hardware to suit all budgets and sectors. Our range starts from excellent SAM4S touch screen POS systems which can come in Dual and quad core processors. If you prefer a more aesthetically pleasing system, the Mid-Range Aures Yuno is a beautiful looking machines with high performance and ideal choice for many of our customer’s. These models are proven and tested to work in the most rugged of environments  With a host of options available including mag card readers, customer displays, magnetic fobs, and kitchen screens you can shape the system in the way that you want it.

If you want our most powerful machines we offer, you need to look no further as our Top of the Range Sango Variations are more than up to the job. This machine can boast an i5 and i7 processor if you have requested it and it is so competitively priced that you will surprised how little it costs to be the proud owner of this great machine. Available in a range of colours to suit the decor of your business this adds style and shows that professional look which can only be positive for your business.

The choice is now in your hands but rest assured we have done the hard work for you. We don’t believe in providing cheap hardware which you will need to replace on a regular basis. The old saying “You get what you pay for” is true with point of sale systems as the recent introduction of cheap hardware only ends up causing problems in the long term.

All of our products are fantastic reliable machines that stand the test of time. You will be hard pressed to find a better set of hardware anywhere. Our Aures range Epos systems come with a first year onsite guarantee.

Windows Epos System

SAM4S Touch Screen

The SAM4S Titan S160 is the latest design in the SAM4S range of POS Systems. With its vibrant & precise 15″ projective capacitive multi-touch display is extremely durable in most environments including withstanding water contact, dust and grease. The SAM4s Titan S160 Capacitive touch panels will activate with either a bare finger or a capacitive stylus preventing users from using pens, credit cards or sharp objects which potentially would reduce the life expectancy of resistive touch panels. In addition the screen has a more vivid and crisp colour enhancing the quality of the Pos System user interface.

Aures Yuno Touch Screen

YUNO Pos System is a robust but stylish and compact product, designed by AURES to suit the many applications of the POS vertical sectors.

It is a fanless, compact, high-performance system, fitted with a choice of 3 different processors; it is available in 2 formats (traditional 4:3 15.1’’ screen and Wide 16:9 15.6’’ screen) and equipped with a shock- and scratch-proof, multi-touch, projected, capacitive screen (PCAP technology).

The Yuno is a reliable and offers excellent value for money and is one of the most popular point of sale systems on the market today and the number one choice for our customers. Available in two colours black and white it sets a high standard but at a competitive price. This is one pos system where the return on investment is guaranteed.

Aures Sango Touch Screen

The top of the range Aures Sango is the smart choice for the modern retailer or bar. It has an exclusive design and one of it’s eye catching features is the space saving under the touch screen. The Sango comes in seven interchangeable colours (White, Black, Red, Blue, Orange, Grey & Cassis) so can match your brand image. This new EPOS will adapt to the technology requirements of all users: 4 types of processors are available, as well as a range of connection options. The flat LED touch monitor, with an edgeless display surface, is offered in multi-touch projected capacitive (PCAP) technology.


ICRTouch TouchPoint Software

Our choice of using ICRTouch TouchPoint Epos Software has been made after using the product for over a decade. It’s widely recognized as being the most reliable EPos software of it’s kind on the market today. Thousands of software licences sold and constant development make this an outstanding choice for Pubs and Bars, restaurants, cafes, Takeaways, Members Clubs, Night Clubs and all hospitality areas.

It’s retail offering also has stand out features including links to scales,printing of shelf edge labels, customer loyalty points and age verification so no wonder it’s a popular choice. The software also works very well on a windows tablet and has a host of addons which you find out more on our ICRTouch TouchPoint page.

Over the years the software has been progressing to a different level and the TouchOffice Web which is it’s cloud based solution is a perfect companion. Many crucial tasks including Stock, Product Maintenance, Reporting and real-time sales data are all available. It’s offered on a subscription basis but only way to see the beauty of the Cloud System is contact us for a full demo. Only by managing your business can you help to improve and grow it. Touchoffice Web gives this control.

In today’s competitive environment businesses need to be different and ICRTouch TouchPoint software helps to achieve this in a number of ways. An inbuilt loyalty system can help to retain customers either by giving loyal customers discounts or accumulate points that can be used at a later date. Setting up a gift card system helps to generate extra revenue and offers the chance for more customers to be engaged with your business.

A must needed add on is to allow chip and pin transactions for a complete Epos system. ICRTouch has integrations with PS Connect and SagePay. we have used both solutions and can’t fault how seamless the integration is.

Benefits of Epos System

In today’s modern world if you are not using an Epos System then you are not running a business. An Epos system is probably the most essential tool that you have in your business today. The issue is that not many people know how to use one. If used correctly not only will it save you time and money but help you effectively manage your business. Over the years we have all heard about the cloud and these days how everything is done through mobile devices. There are now more mobile devices in this world than people and pos systems now have this technology as well. Having access to data from your till system in real time gives insights to your business which in the past were only available to larger corporations. Have a look at the demo of touch office web and see what a difference having this data will make to your business. 

  • Reduction of Human Errors by accurate pricing
  • Reduction in Theft and Shrinkage
  • Enable Quick and Efficient Customer Service
  • Greater Efficiency means faster sales and more profits
  • Enable you to track stock and optimise your stock levels.
  • Accurate Reporting for sales and Vat.
  • Increase productivity of staff and highlight under performing staff
  • Customer Loyalty essential for customer retention
  • Integrate with card machines
  • Provide long term cost savings


Here are several ways to contact us

Presales Question?

We work with you to customize a system suitable for your business for any sector and size. Speak to experts direct for a perfect solution. We will work with you to make sure that all the features you require are available.

Need Support

Rest assured that are after sale service is second to none. We know our products inside out and can help with programming changes and advising on how to get the most out of your system.

After Sales

Our After Sale service not only includes support but also work with you to improve your system. This can be for example helping you to implement a stock control system or Loyalty Scheme.



We offer all payment options to all types of businesses


With this option you can purchase the equipment and will own the system. You will have no monthly payments. As standard we will require a minimum deposit for the system and balance on installation.


With this option you can spread the cost over 2, 3 , 4, 5 years and own the equipment with a lease. You will receive tax advantages and also will help cash flow. It’s a popular option especially if you are purchasing more then one epos system.


You can also hire the system with just small deposit for short term or long term. This option is highly popular as it allows you to try the system first without a long term commitment ( We offer Rental option on selective models only).

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